Golden Goose Token (GOLD) listed on Bittrex USDT market
Golden Goose Token (GOLD) listed on Bittrex USDT market
On January 16, 2021, Golden Goose (GOLD) will be listed on the Bittrex USDT market. Bittrex Exchange has been leading the market for a long time and is currently ranked 16th in Coinmarketcap. In commemoration of the listing of Golden Goose Token (GOLD) on Bittrex, various events and marketing will be held on Bittrex Exchange. For more information, please refer to the exchange notice below.

In the case of GOLD deposited on the Golden Goose website, it is not possible to withdraw GOLD from the website to your personal wallet. With this in mind, please note that participants who will proceed with withdrawal proceed with staking. In the case of GOLD that has not been staked, you can withdraw GOLD to your personal wallet, so you can proceed with withdrawal normally by following the instructions on the dashboard.

When you deposit Golden Goose tokens (GOLD) from the Bittrex Exchange to the website, staking is automatically performed for 3 months, just like other deposits. After the 3-month staking is released, you can freely proceed with withdrawal and deposit.

[Bittrex Exchange Notice]

1. Deposit and Withdrawal Open: 12:00 PM on January 15, 2021 (GMT+9)
2. Listing and Trading Open: 12:00 PM on January 16, 2021 (GMT+9)

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