Golden Goose Token (GOLD) Burn and Swap Completion Notice
We inform you that the token burn and swap have ended successfully after taking a snapshot of the OLD token on January 8, 2021 at 4 PM (GMT+9) as scheduled.

OLD Golden Goose Token Contract : 0xdf068ac89e6d5fa88520faace0267047e47102c2
NEW Golden Goose Token Contract : 0x40d1f63b5d2048e67e9bedb1b4c2f1a9fb4b6817

The exact number of NEW Golden Goose Tokens has been given to the participants and the exchange, except for the quantities that require lock-up on the token metrics. The quantities that need to be locked up will be locked up soon with the relevant information.

New Golden Goose token supports lock-up and burning, and is more stable and secure. From now on, OLD Golden Goose token (0xdf068ac89e6d5fa88520faace0267047e47102c2) should never be used, and the Golden Goose team will not be able to to provide any assistance for problems using OLD Golden Goose token.

OLD Golden Goose token is no longer valuable and is not supported, including the official website of Golden Goose, currently listed Bithumb Global exchange, and the exchanges to be listed in the future.

[Check your New Token]
1. Homepage holders : Those who have it on the homepage have not changed anything. You can use the homepage as it is. After the deposit and withdrawal functions are opened on the 12th January, NEW Golden Goose token will be withdrawn.
2. Personal wallet holders : Those who have GOLD tokens in personal wallets, such as Trust Wallet, need to display them automatically depending on the wallet or manually insert NEW GOLD token's information into the wallet. NEW GOLD token contains the following information.

1) Adding a custom token
2) Network : Ethereum
3) Enter Contract Address : 0x40d1f63b5d2048e67e9bedb1b4c2f1a9fb4b6817
4) Enter Name : Golden Goose
5) Enter Ticker(Symbol) : GOLD
6) Enter Decimal : 18

If you can't check, you can check it on Etherscan. The link below is a list of the NEW Golden Goose Token Holders. Here you can find your wallet address and check the quantity.

Or you can search your wallet address by searching your address on and select a NEW GOLD token that appears with the new logo.

3. Exchange Holder : We have officially announced that the token swap is successfully done to Bithumb Global Exchange, where Golden Goose token is currently listed. As soon as it is confirmed by Bithumb Global, they will open deposit and withdrawal with NEW tokens according to the exchange's operating policy.